AppThemes Discount Code and Coupon: Developer and Club

AppThemes provide one of the most exclusive WordPress themes. Currently they do not provide any discount code, so we are going to provide here 15% cash rebate (see the instruction) as AppThemes coupon. This applies for  any license; either purchasing Single theme, Developer license as well as Club license.

Cash rebate instruction:

* Click the following link and make purchase of any theme.

* Send us the purchase details to email: admin @

* Cash rebate will be sent within 24 hours. Please provide PayPal ID to send the same.

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AppThemes Products and Discount

WordPress has become so much popular all over the world because of its flexibility and ease of use. You don’t have to know any coding or programing languages anymore to create any type website. You will be able to create that very easily with the help of WordPress. You can use different types of themes to create more beautiful websites in quick time. AppThemes is very famous company which provides some very attractive WordPress premium themes. With the discount code for AppThemes, this is a good chance to purchase any theme.

Some Themes of This Company

Ideas Theme: It is the latest product of the AppThemes and it is also a unique one. If you want to create such website where the customers and users will be allowed to post their review and ideas then you can use this theme. You can moderate the ideas given by the customers before publishing. Email notifications can be activated. This theme supports unlimited categories. That means, you will be able to add as many categories as you want to add to your website. You can sort and filter ideas by different terms.

AppThemes Vantage Theme: Creating directory or business directory sites are no more difficult nowadays. You just have to install the Vantage theme to your WordPress to get a perfect business directory site. It is very friendly for monetizing your website. You can customize the price plans very easily. To make your website more attractive, you can activate the rating system. The search bar will be very helpful for the users and by using that they will be able to find what they need. So if you like this theme, then get Vantage theme discount coupon in the beginning.

Quality Control Theme: This theme will let you create an issue tracking or project development tracking website very quickly. It has tons of important features. SVN integration can be done if you use this theme on your WordPress site. The users will be created and use their tickets very easily by using the friendly tools of this theme. You can use this theme to WordPress multi-site to handle unlimited number of projects. If you use this theme to your site, then you will be able to set milestones to make your site more attractive to the users.

Clipper Theme: Clipper theme has the capability to create any type of coupon site from any WordPress site. It will also let you monetize the traffic very easily. It needs very little time to be installed. This theme will provide you the custom write panel which can be used for customizing the coupons. Different email templates are available with this theme and that is why you will be able to communicate with the customers just as you like.  Five different color schemes are available and so that you can change the look of your website with different ways.

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More Themes and Club License

JobRoller Theme: If you want to create an online job market, then the JobRoller theme can be your first choice. This product of AppThemes will help you to create such job market website which will be friendly for all types of job seekers as well as employers. You can include various types of job categories to your website. You can allow the job seekers to post their CVs with their photo and details. So, the employers will be able to find their perfect employees from your website. The job seekers will also be able to apply for the jobs very easily. One of the most important thing is, this theme has responsive design and that is why your website will be suitable for any type of screens.

Themes are very necessary for the WordPress sites. By using appropriate themes, you will be able to create different types of website in just minutes. Many companies provide very attractive and useful WordPress premium themes. AppThemes is one of those companies. The number of products of this company is not high. But if you consider the quality of those products then you can be impressed. Also it has club license, developer license as well as single theme license.

Conclusive Words about AppThemes

As mentioned earlier, the AppThemes discount is available for any theme from the store. AppThemes provides a number of comprehensive themes for WordPress, so it is important to avail the coupon mentioned in the beginning.