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Facilities of Gravity Forms and Discount

The reason behind the huge popularity of the WordPress is the WordPress sites are very much flexible. You will be able to covert the WordPress sites into different types of websites. You can also add various types of pages and add-ons to those sites very easily to make those more attractive and professional looking. If you want to include forms to your Wordpres sites, then you can do that after creating these forms with the help of any tool. Gravity Forms can be a good option for you in this case, and with the discount coupon for Gravity Forms, this can be a ideal choice.

Features of This Innovative Plugin

Gravity Forms can be used to create various types of WordPress forms. The form builder program of this product is very easy to use and that is why you will face no problem to create the forms you need. You can create not only the single page forms, but also the multipage forms by using the Gravity Forms. You can use the conditional logic system for the multipage forms. For that system the next stages of forms or new forms will be opened based on how the previous forms or bars of forms are fulfilled. Gravity Forms will let you add various types of fields to the forms. After creating the forms you can edit the forms very easily by using this product. You can activate the limiting system for the fields of the forms. So no one will be able to provide more entries than the limit chosen by you. Gravity Forms will also let you set the time limit for the existing forms of your WordPress sites.

Gravity Forms Purchase with Discount Code

In the forms, you can add any number of columns. The text used in the forms will be customizable and that is why you will be able to change the styles and colors of the texts very easily. You don’t need to use other tools for customizing the layouts of the forms because the Gravity Forms will help you to change the layouts of the forms perfectly. As you can create order forms by using this product, you may need to integrate various types of payment gateways with the forms. In this case the Gravity Forms will also be very helpful. One of the most important things about the Gravity Forms is it can deal with the themes created by different popular companies like the Organic Themes and Woo Themes etc.

Add-on Available

For creating and customize the forms more beautifully you may need to get help from other add-ons and that is why you will get the necessary add-ons with the packages of Gravity Forms. The Personal Package offers the add-ons which are needed for basic form creation. On the other hand advanced form add-ons are available with the Developer and Business Packages of Gravity Forms.

Packages of Gravity Forms

This WordPress form creator tool will allow you to set the limit for the entries of any field of any form. So the users will be allowed to put a limited number of entries in the targeted fields. If you want to allow the users to fill the forms during a specific time period, then you can set schedule system by using the built in tools of Gravity Forms. Pricing fields are very necessary if your WordPress site is an online shop or promotional website. Gravity Forms has the capability to help you to include the pricing fields to the forms. Conditional logic forms will make your website more professional and attractive looking. By using this product you can set up the conditional logic system for which the next pages will open, depending on the fields filled on previous pages.

Gravity Forms have three different packages. One is the Personal package which can be used only for one website. The Business package can be used for unlimited number of websites. If you choose this package of Gravity Forms then you will be allowed to use the add-ons which will help you to create different types of basic forms. The most powerful package of Gravity Forms is the Developer package. This package consists of so many add-ons which can be used to create very beautiful basic and advanced forms for unlimited WordPress sites.

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