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The Wheels on the Bus Don’t Always Go ‘Round and ‘Round

Riding the bus is a great way to support cleaner air, especially in our beautiful—but smoggy—city of Los Angeles. You are a responsible, conscientious citizen, and we applaud you. Unfortunately, it only takes one accident to get you off the bus and into the hospital, neck-deep in medical bills. Buses have become safer and major… read more.

Surviving After the Train Wreck

There’s a reason that people use “train wreck” to describe a very bad situation. Quite different than when your friend says your outfit is a train wreck, a real train accident can lead to serious injury and even death. While not as common as automobile accidents, railroad accidents still occur today. There were over 9,000… read more.

So Your Neighbor’s Dog Bit You…Now What?

That terrier next door always seemed a little testy to you. Or maybe it was a friendly lab that caught you completely by surprise. Either way, dog bites happen in a flash and can leave you seriously injured. Having a plan after such a traumatic event can make things a lot easier, but where do… read more.

Oh My Aching Back

You are still dazed from the sucker punch from your air bag. The head-on collision totaled your car. After a moment, you realize you survived—not a scratch—lucky you. The next morning you notice a creak in your lower back when you get out of bed. No big deal, you think—but it is. Over the next… read more.

What to do in the first five minutes after a car accident in Los Angeles

The first few seconds of a car accident are usually a blur. Time moves either quickly or slowly, it’s hard to tell. Once everything stops, it takes a few moments to process what is going on. Once you realize you aren’t bleeding too badly you may feel a little relief; but then you remember you… read more.

How Much Justice Can You Afford for Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Case?

How Much Justice Can You Afford For Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Case? Most people never receive justice because it is just too expensive. Here is an personal injury case that happened here in LA (names have been changes, of course): David and Frank were business partners. They ran a shipping company together. One day,… read more.

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